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Training in the Bioterapia Nutrizionale® method helps professionals in nutrition and natural medicine to comprehensively analyze patients and avoid focusing exclusively on the ailment.

Learning how to prevent and cure sickness using food means giving importance to physiology, pathology, biochemistry, and semeiotics, all of which contribute to determining the cause and effects of ailments, without concentrating exclusively on the symptoms.

Bioterapia Nutrizionale®, copyrighted term, is an original and innovative therapeutic method that helps patients, through natural means, reclaim the normal physiological function of their organs and systems, save in undisputed cases of no return. It uses the pharmacological powers of both single foods and their combinations to combat diverse conditions of imbalance and organ dysfunction.

Nearly every ailment, with the exception of incidental traumas, is due to an altered biological mechanism: dysmetabolism; toxicity, whether endogenous, exogenous, or iatrogenic; or more simply, insufficient function due to poor diet.

Food has a primary role in all vital processes. Essential amino acids- which humans are incapable of synthesizing- proteins, minerals, vitamins, and all other trace elements and factors, indispensible to the complex chemical reactions on which the energy and life of an individual depend, are derived from food.

When food is insufficient, manipulated, or unbalanced due to poor eating habits, lack of choice, or with respect to daily requirements, the result is an organism deprived of certain factors and elements essential to its function. This causes dysfunctions that, with time, lead to sickness.

The concept is hardly new. It is medical practice to present a sick patient with all the aids, substitutes, and actions that are necessary for his/her body to resume normal function. Such is the case, for example, when highly specific pharmaceuticals are prescribed to correct anemia. In the majority of cases, save the most desperate, the same curative properties can be derived directly from food, provided the therapist has thorough knowledge of a food’s components and limits, as well as how it acts and what the different, and best, ways to use it are.

It would be useless, for example, to give spinach, though highly acclaimed, to a person suffering from anemia as well as kidney disease. Although spinach contains 3-5mg% of iron, it is taxing on kidney function due to its oxalic acid, ranging from 676 to 1260mg%, potassium (530mg%), purine (72mg%), and phosphorous (62mg%). More beneficial would be the modest watercress, the iron content (2-5mg%) of which is more bioavailable owing to the synergic action of its arsenic, manganese, copper, and zinc content. It is also diuretic due to its iodine, characteristic of plants in the cruciferous family. Where neither watercress nor nettle, which has similar antianemic properties, is available, the humble chicory, containing 3.3mg% of iron and present nearly year-round, may be used. Chicory drains the kidneys- highly important and delicate organs- and thus does not aggravate renal function. Its iron content is entirely available through the combined action of magnesium, manganese, and sulfur. This is only one simple example of how the principles of Bioterapia Nutrizionale® may be applied.

It is necessary to consider not merely the active ingredient in a given food, or the element in which it is most rich, but also the bioavailability of that element and the cofactors which allow it to be used. It is likewise essential to take into consideration the constitution type of the patient. Moreover, the interactions between foods must also be considered. In depth study is necessary to avoid inappropriate combinations of food that would render the therapeutic program futile. The school is not at all interested in makeshift “professionals” who are quick to boast their knowledge after having been present at a few lessons, but who cannot be bothered to complete their preparation.

Bioterapia Nutrizionale® requires a preparation of four years, like all specialized programs, and an internship of 12 months with a certified practitioner. This is to avoid approaching the patient with eagerness and enthusiasm but with little concrete knowledge, especially since the type of patient who seeks decisive action from Bioterapia Nutrizionale® is often an individual suffering from complex afflictions, where pharmaceuticals have already failed.
Bioterapia Nutrizionale® is a registered trademark of Vis Sanatrix Naturae LTD.

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